Darksiders 4 – The Only Way

Darksiders 4

The Darksiders Games have always drawn me in, mostly cause of their gritty atmosphere and the hack and slash style. Yes they play a lot like Zelda But we need more video games like Zelda/Dynasty Warriors. I enjoyed the 3rd person combat and the puzzles were not over done. That being said I was very exited to hear the thread installment is coming out next year. I hope it will be at the same level as Darksiders 2 even though its not open world…

Darksiders has stayed in the dark but with a little help from us fans perhaps it will be seen the lime light. Please support this upcoming game because if this team had good funding behind them the sky is the limit for their creation. Lets fast forward to the fabulous future of Darksiders 4 (in my minds eye). Just Imagine an open world with all four Housemen in the same game. I mean its What the story was about from the start(remember where we left War in the first one). Maybe some Quests could be done in single player but to complete the game you would need all four  players. A duel Mode to find out who’s the strongest of the group would be amazing, or just causally ridding down the trail with your fellow Nephilim.

Regardless of how they make these next (hopefully) two games ill play them both. Everybody that can afford  it should pre-order Darksiders 3 (currently on Amazon) right now. Show this team the love they deserve, my contribution will be this image. OH the things that could be oh the games that we could play together…

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